The Nation Has Spoken!!!

Here in this country we have seen a great change in the leadership of this nation. The people have spoken.

John Key will probably be the best person to lead this country through the current financial turmoil with his experience in the banking sector. He is also very much the people’s person as he is able to interact with people from many different types of backgrounds. He has come from growing up in a state house to living in a mansion in Parnell and knows what the different lifestyles are like.

In my view Helen Clark made the right decision in standing down from the leadership of the Labour Party after the loss on Election night. But this decision could play into National’s hands with Phil Goff looking likely to be made leader today, as the party will now have to go through a stage of serious rebuilding if they want to have a hope of winning the next election.

Congratulations to the Act Party as well, on their fine effort in gaining three more MP’s than last time round. This will provide National with a large and stable coalition partner who will help this Government be a government of change.


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