Fly Fishing

On the weekend D and I went to see Mr Harvey Clark, fly fishing Guide and instructor also known as “The Trout Man” in Rotorua. He gave us some expert tuition on the grass at the campground were he is based and then took us to the mouth of the Waiteti Stream and the Ngongataha Stream to do some actual fishing. At a place on the Ngongataha Stream in some rapids we managed to catch one. Mr Clark was just showing D how to do a slightly different type of cast when he managed to strike one and then passed it onto D who played the fish for a while before giving the rod to me to wind up until he could net it. We are hoping that we can catch a few more at some stage!!!galleryGalleryGalleryGallery


One thought on “Fly Fishing

  1. Great photos – looks like you had an amazing time away. I wonder what you did with the fish? Did you put it back in the water? Or maybe you and your Dad cooked it up for a nice dinner? I think trout must be the best tasting fish! When I was about the same age as you my family would go on holiday each year to Hatepe – I wonder if you have been there? We would go fly fishing in the Hinemaia stream. I can never remember catching a fish the size of the one in your photos. What a great D you have! The Rotorua and Tongariro experiences look awesome. Well done.

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