Auckland Anniversary Day

Auckland Anniversary Day is well known for the huge regatta that is held on that day every year. Last Monday we went and watched from Bastion Point. imageimageimageimageimageEvery year yachts and boats of every size, shape and class enjoy a wonderful day of racing and cruising . We got to watch the tugboat race, the start of the main race and see boats right up the coast to Whangaparoa Peninsular. There was a huge navy ship anchored out in the channel with flags on it and boats like the Spirit of New Zealand and old America’s Cup boats that were cruising and racing. The spectacular weather just capped off a remarkable event.

If you are inerested in watching the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series you can watch it either from North Head or Bastion Point or watch online at


One thought on “Auckland Anniversary Day

  1. Hi SummerSailor

    Great pictures! This fine weather we are having in Auckland is so good. I have been following the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series- great that the teams are actually sailing again. A few days ago my work had a retreat in Torbay and the venue had an amazing view of the course. We could sit on the deck and watch it all happen. I wonder which boat you support? It’s a bit hard to decide with all the New Zealanders involved!

    I wonder if you saw the Halberg Awards last night? I am scratching my head about one or two of the decisions. And what about the cricket in Aussie! Awesome – go the Black Caps.

    Take Care
    Mr H

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