Waitangi Weekend Fun

Over Waitangi Weekend we had a big C family gathering at the lake. We enjoyed fishing, Swimming to marker boo-es, playing pictionary and volleyball and many other fun things. january-2009-063january-2009-062january-2009-060january-2009-055january-2009-052january-2009-051january-2009-046january-2009-041january-2009-040january-2009-030january-2009-014january-2009-010january-2009-107january-2009-103january-2009-101january-2009-097january-2009-091january-2009-087january-2009-084january-2009-080january-2009-074january-2009-108


2 thoughts on “Waitangi Weekend Fun

  1. Hi SummerSailor

    Awesome photos! Looks like you had a very good time with the family. It must be very difficult to pack up and come back to Auckland. I love the photo of the people tipping out of the kayak – your anticipation is excellent. While I did go to Northpoint (just north of New Plymouth), much of my weekend was focused on the Black Caps. As I write the series score is 2 – 2 and I have a terrible feeling the Aussies will win the decider. Keep up the good blogging – it’s great to hear about all the exciting things you get up to.

    Take Care
    Mr H

  2. Hi there
    Looks like you had great fun down there, a good size fish you got there.
    Tomorow morning(7.30am localtime 1.30 pm your time)we get on the bus to Nanning China.
    Keep up the blog.
    got to go now.
    love j13 and the rest

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