I Would Die For You by Brent and Deanna Higgins

I am reading this book at the moment and it is awesome. I am learning a lot from the story of BJ(short for Brent Jr.)’s life which this book tells. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity to read it. BJ sounds like he would have been an amazing guy to meet but unfortunately he died a couple of years ago from an illness contracted on the mission field.

I might be able to do a full book review later on once I have finished it.


4 thoughts on “I Would Die For You by Brent and Deanna Higgins

  1. Would be interested to see the book review one day J! Where did he go on his mission and what sort of missionary work did he do? Have you read ‘Through the Gates of Splendour’? I guess you probably have!

  2. Hi SummerSailor

    After reading your blog I was inspired to order a copy of “I Would Die for you”. It arrived in the mail today!! and I have already read the first chapter – it is very cool! I appreciated the reflections on the importance of love being at the centre of the family – especially the way BJ showed it by physically leaning on his parents. So often I might mentally feel love for my family members but be very slow to physically show it. After reading this first chapter, next time I see my sisters, I am going to give them a big hug!

    I do hope you write a bit more about how you are finding the book. I am going to.

    Take care Mr H

  3. Hi Mr H,

    That is awesome! I really enjoyed the book. I agree about the importance of love being the centre of the family and showing it.

    I hope you enjoy the book.


  4. Thanks A. Liz for the comment. BJ went to Peru and felt that God was calling him to go to North Africa but unfortunatley he was unable to realise that dream.

    No I haven’t read “Gates of Splendour” but I seem to recognise the name for some reason. I will have to try to find a copy of it.


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