Book Report – I Would Die For You by Brent And Deanna Higgins

This is Part One of the requested and promised report on this book. I hope you enjoy it!

According to BJ (short for Brent Jr.) Higgins love was a verb and he was correct. His sister Witney recalls in this book the time she had a heated argument with him over this. She couldn’t accept that she was wrong and insisted that love was simply an idea. He told her that “Faith and love are part of a lifestyle not a religion and it’s our job to show that to the world”. Love was what BJ lived and died for.

It is pointed out and shown in this book that BJ’s extended family was always very close. BJ had a very close relationship with his grandparents.

I think that one particular quote in the book from a school assignment on Goals that he completed shows the passion for sharing the love of Jesus with others that he had is: “More long term (among my goals), though, is that I hope to be an influencer at school, a light. If I help to show one person the way to God, if I can make one person question the meaning of life and find it, I will have fulfilled my goal and part of my purpose for living”.


4 thoughts on “Book Report – I Would Die For You by Brent And Deanna Higgins

  1. Hi SummerSailor

    You are getting me in lots of trouble because “I Would Die For You” is a very hard book to put down. “Hurry up and turn the light out!” Mrs H demanded last night as I began chapter 5. There are so many challenging ideas that I don’t know where to start. But, I was greatly encouraged by the events that led to BJ being asked to go on the trip to Peru. There were a number of reasons why he couldn’t go (e.g. he was too young and it was an expensive trip) but things worked out and he still went. I went to sleep thinking about the reasons it came about and three things stuck in my mind. Firstly, he was ready – he had prepared himself. Pg 48 talks about him watching from the side, taking things in, and practicing by himself – this was very cool! Secondly, (pg 53) he had help from the wider group – they supported him heaps, especially financially. It is such a good thing to be part of a supportive community. And thirdly, I thought how good God is to make things come about. BJ was ready and willing so God could use him. This is a really challenging book!!

    I wonder where the story will go next. Sorry Mrs H – it might be a late night again!

    Mr H

  2. I have written the title down now, after reading your review and Mr H’s comments – Will have a look in the church library tomorrow and see if it is there.
    I don’t know Mr H but he sounds very much like an English teacher to me! Not too many people sit down and even note the pages as they comment on things – only those with some vested interest in the whole thing it seems!!
    (My Level 1 students who really do not like English think that anyone who really LIKES to read as a hobby is a little bit of a fringe-type person – and someone like me who teaches it really is from another planet, Haha! )

  3. Hi SummerSailor!!

    Wow!! I have just finished reading chapter 17 and feel a little bit sad. I did not expect BJ’s life story to end like this. Our world needs more people with his commitment and abilities – not less! As you know, my own daughter J died when she was 13 after a long battle with cancer. “I would die for you” has been good for me to read, as I have been able to see how another family worked through a difficult situation. I love the way the family trusted in God and the way the wider community supported them. Sometimes it is hard to understand why things happen, and we don’t seem to have answers, but how encouraging to know God is with us and that we have people around to help us.

    SummerSailor, I am keen to tell you about a time I was thankful because others had helped me. It was a couple of years ago and my Dad was not well. There was a knock at the door and when I opened it there was SummerSailor’s family standing there with a beautiful meal. Your Mum had heard my Dad was struggling in hospital and thought that we might need a meal. I still have the card you gave us, it reads, “Just wanted to say that we are thinking and praying for you all during this difficult time with your Dad. May you know God’s grace, peace and comfort in your hearts.” I think this is something of what BJ’s family is writing about in the book.

    Thanks heaps for recommending this book. Can’t wait to read the next few chapters.

    Take Care
    Mr H

  4. I love the interest you have created by mentioning this book on your blog and that these well-read adults (A Liz and Mr H) have taken time to leave comments and share with you. God has used your interest and enthusiasm in BJ’s life story to influence others in a positive way. I had the same trouble as Mr H when I was reading the story…..I had trouble putting the book down.

    One thing that I loved about BJ’s account of his journey was the way he journaled regularly about what God was teaching him. I’m not a great one for journalling(as you know!) but when I do look back over the times of my life that I have been diligent with it, it is amazing to see the way that God intertwines our lives with others and how He opens the eyes of our hearts to recognise His loving grace. x

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