Kayak Fishing Around Gisborne Point

Kayak fishing is a wonderfully cheap way to put trout on the table. You can use the same gear you would use for any other type of  trout fishing, while saving money on running costs. All you need is a general kayak or canoe, a paddle, a jigging, harling or trolling set up and most importantly, a life jacket.

Around Gisborne Point, Lake Rotoiti, many local and visiting kayak anglers have had success mainly using the jigging technique. The best time seems to be early to mid afternoonwhen the surface of the lake heats up and the fish go deeper. The flies that catch fish tend to have red somewhere on the fly. Red Setters and a brown feathered fly with a red body have worked for me, with the latter taking a nice 6.2 pound fish after about five minutes fishing one day.

One of the good spots is out around the 200 metre buoy opposite the main boat launching facility at the end of Wharetoroa Drive. I have seen some nice fish come out of this area including a tremendous ten pounder during the summer holidays.


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