Bike for Sale

I am selling my well used bike on TradeMe and I thought I would put a link to the auction on here in case anyone is looking for one. Here is the link:

bike pics 001


3 thoughts on “Bike for Sale

  1. Hi SummerSailor

    How has it been going trying to sell your bike? I hope you have had some success!

    I have always liked the title of your webpage Summer Sailor. I guess because I like the long, warm days of summer, and sailor sounds really active to me – getting out on the water and enjoying God’s creation appeals. But this time of year I guess you would be better described as Winter Sailor! I wonder how you cope on these cold and wet days when we are stuck inside? I struggle! It is only the end of May and already I am missing the smell of the mown cricket pitch, and the smell of sausages on the barbeque, and walking along the beach at 9pm in a short-sleeve shirt. And Mrs H is way too good at Scrabble (I think she must cheat) – so I am not in a hurry to get the board games out. And my Auckland Blues team has not really provided much entertainment either. Oh well, back to my books… I wonder what Summer Sailor does over the winter months? Do you have any hobbies that you enjoy? Maybe Mum just increases the homework? – now there’s a good idea!!

    Keep up the blogging – I enjoy reading about the things you are up to.

    Take Care
    Mr H

  2. Well done on selling the wheels………the part I loved the best was that your bike has gone to make another young man happy, someone who, from the sounds of the story told, has obviously not had such a great beginning to his life but which is now looking more promising…….we never can tell how God is going to use us to be a blessing to others:-) Great feedback too……keep up being the ‘businessman’!

    Now…..that idea about homework above……..hmmmm, that could have potential I think!!!!

  3. Oh dear SummerSailor…what have I done! Maybe the suggestion of more homework was not such a good idea. I trust the workload doesn’t increase too much!

    Take care
    Mr H

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