New Car

On Saturday at 5:45 am we all arose except for E12, who was at her friends place, and headed out to the airport where Dad and I were supposed to check in at 6:15 for our 6:45 flight to Wellington. We travelled to the airport in super quick time because of the new motorway through Mt Roskill.

After checking in, we boarded our flight and and took off. The plane arrived a bit late in Wellington and we then had difficulty finding our fishing rods which had come through into the large luggage section instead of the normal one.

Mr McG kindly picked us up and transported us to the car yard to view the 2006 Previa we were interested in. On arrival there, we saw they had put a sold sign on the car even though we hadn’t paid anything to them. We inspected the car and then took it for a drive. We came back and said we would buy it and then asked the guy to check out some things in the workshop while we went and bought a muffin and hot choc/flat white from Robert Harris. We then sorted out the finer details.

We headed back to the McG’s house before leaving Wellington to see everyone and ended up having lunch there before starting off on the long drive back to Auckland . There was some low snow on the mountains near and around the Central Plateau but there wasn’t any near the road yet.

When we got to Lake Taupo, we bought a  fishing licence  and then stopped off at Hatepe for a short period, in the cold, for some fishing. We then stopped at McDonalds for tea and got gas just outside Taupo. After singing all the way from Tokoroa we stopped at Putaruru to see N and P and Aunty T. After a long day at about 10 o’clock I fell asleep and slept like a log until we got home.

I will post some photos of the car when I take some.


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