What have I been up to?

I have been working on my Hobsonville Heritage reserve project as the developers have applied for resource consent to develop the historic site into housing (to find out more click here), helping to coach hockey, helping out on the farm, playing guitar, lsitening to my guitar teacher’s new cd (link to his website is here), watching the issue with Paula Bennet unfold, reading fishing reports, looking forward to my birthday ect ect.

What do you think about Paula Bennet decision to release the information about the benifits of the two people who were complaining about losing their training allowance? Was she right or was she wrong?


2 thoughts on “What have I been up to?

  1. Hi J. Not going to comment on all the political bits and pieces but do love the cd of your music teacher. Amazing skills. How fortunate are you to have him as a teacher. I bet his fees will go up soon!

    Just wanted to say, in case our present does not make it on time – I posted it on Saturday but the mail system is not too crash-hot at the mo’ – HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow!! Can’t believe you have reached this age so speedily, almost without us noticing. Have a GREAT day!! x

  2. Hi SummerSailor

    Wow! I had a look at the website for your guitar teacher. Sounded really good – I hope he is teaching you to play like this! My Dad and Mum encouraged me to learn the piano when I was younger. After two years I decided it was more fun to kick a rugby boy. I regret my decision now – so be encouraged to strum those strings!

    A very interesting question you ask on Paula Bennet. Personally I am disappointed with the way she has handled this situation (I know that my views are at odds with a lot of New Zealanders and columnists in the weekend papers). I feel it was bullying and I believe she could have made her point without disclosing personal details. I have thought about this a lot recently as we have a situation with our disabled son we would like to go to the National Party with. I would love to highlight the fact that if we ask for someone to look after James so we can have a break the government is willing to pay them $74 for 24 hours work. It is almost impossible to find someone to do this (interesting that the MPs evening meal allowance is apparently $72). As a result of Paula Bennet’s actions I am now hesitant to highlight the inadequacy in the financial help we are getting because maybe my personal details will end up in the media – people might think we are greedy. I know of a number of families with disabled children that are breaking up because of lack of support. There is a lot I like about John Key, but I have never understood why he selected his Social Development Minister. Oh well, just my ramblings…what do you think?

    Keep up the blogging
    Mr H

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