Spring Visitors

The other day while walking past a window I noticed a small visitor from over the back fence trying to decide whether he should try out our garden or whether he should return home to see his friends on the farm. Here he is:2009-08 (Aug)-6 0142009-08 (Aug)-6 015


2 thoughts on “Spring Visitors

  1. Hi SummerSailor

    What a brilliant photo – I love it! You really do have a great garden. Not many people would have lambs walking around their property. Spring is such a cool time…hurry up September!

    Take care
    Mr H

  2. Wow! WE used to have these wee ones wandering up to our place when we first built here. Pukekos also. Now the best we get since all the houses have been built, are a few ducks waddling along.

    Tell Mum I was VERY surprised to not see a birthday greeting to you on her blog!! In fact her blog has been very static of late – she must be very busy.

    Lots of love from our house to yours. Pass it on.x

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