Another Visitor!!!

This week we had another visitor from the farm. This time it was a goat who was attempting to eat our lemon tree and half climbed and half fell over the fence. We tied him up until the school kids had gone into class and then walked him down the farm driveway to the sheep pens. Later on when he was put into another paddock he escaped into the school horticulture orchard and proceeded to have a feast we heard.photophotophoto


3 thoughts on “Another Visitor!!!

  1. Hi SummerSailor

    Another great photo – what a busy farm you have! I am a bit worried about what the goat is doing to your cricket wicket…its looking a bit bumpy to me. You might have to get the heavy roller out so my in swinging googly can bowl your Dad’s wickets!

    Have fun
    Mr H

  2. Dear SummerSailor

    A very short note to say I hope you have a very happy Christmas. I often wonder how things are going for you and I trust the year has ended well. How did final exams go? I hope the teacher gave you good grades! My family is off to the beach for a couple of weeks over Christmas – can’t wait! I guess you guys will be heading off to Lake Rotoiti. You never know, maybe I might get the chance to bowl one of my in swinging yorkers to you over the summer. A chat over the bbq would be good one evening.

    Thanks for the blogs and the little insights into your life over the year – they are always good to read.

    Take care and have a very happy Christmas.
    Mr H

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