Holiday Pictures

Just looking at these pictures makes me want to go back again. Permanently!!!


One thought on “Holiday Pictures

  1. Happy New Year SummerSailor

    Awesome photos – I can see why you want to live there permanently. I am sure your Dad could get a job down there! From the photos it looks like you had heaps of fun. Sorry to hear about the broken wrist. I reckon it would be far safer if you took up rugby! We have just come back from a couple of weeks away, and I am now back at work. The first week we went up to Coopers Beach and the second we headed down to Whangamata. The weather was so brilliant – we spent most of the time on the beach or in the water. I think that I could live there permanently also. Maybe we could flat together – imagine that!!

    Great to see you blogging again! Have you read any good books lately? I hope 2010 has started well for you and your family.

    Have fun
    Mr H

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