Winter Olympics

It has been great to be able to watch some of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver over the past couple of weeks. The speed, the tricks, the skills of these winter sports has been nice for a change, from the usual televised sports of February such as rugby and cricket. While I am glad when I get the chance to watch these sports free-to-air, (which especially with the cricket has become rare these days), the interest of a competition which only comes around every four years is quite refreshing. It is one event which hasn’t become so overloaded with games and matches as to become something that just happens week in, week out with the only interesting parts coming at the finals end of the season. The Olympics are something that just about everyone can enjoy because of their variety and unpredictability.  The fact that all the countries of the world can come together peacefully, forget their troubles and differences and enjoy a couple of weeks of competition and fun and achievement is a fantastic phenomenon.


One thought on “Winter Olympics

  1. Hi SummerSailor

    Another excellent post – you make some really good points. I agree with you that the Winter Olympics have been awesome. Although as someone who does have Sky Television I am again finding myself going to bed way too late! I seemed to get captivated by the Curling. I guess it is not an energetic sport but watching the tactics is fascinating. I would love to have a go at it sometime! How exciting it must have been for Canada to win the Ice Hockey.

    It was disappointing that the New Zealand team did not perform that well. It will be interesting to see how SPARC and the Winter Olympic Committee respond. It sounds like our athletes need more opportunity to train and compete overseas with the big names in their sports. I wonder why a country like New Zealand, with all its snow, does not produce one-or-two more champions.

    I am keen to reflect on your comment about sport on free-to-air television. I think it is sad that you really need to have paid television to follow your favourite sport today. I realise we live in a professional era and that someone has to pay the bills, but I think sport is such an important and helpful part of life and it seems unfair that those who don’t have so much money are discriminated from being able to watch it. But then, I guess by not having Sky you must have so much more time to complete homework! How cool is that!!

    Keep blogging
    Mr H

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