Football World Cup

Isn’t it incredible. New Zealand has come away as the only team unbeaten at the 2010 Soccer World Cup. The fact that even though we were in a competition packed with heavy weight contenders with such a strong footballing history and didn’t quite manage to record a win, we still left the tournament with a record that may not be remembered anywhere else around the world, but is certainly the best effort so far in our short footballing history. To have achieved this, especially in a pool with the reigning world champions is incredible. The fact that the team wasn’t over-awed by the occasion and went out onto the pitch with the object of winning through to the next round and actually tried to beat these higher ranked teams instead of just sitting back and defending deserves a lot of credit.

Being in England after the second All Whites game was quite amusing. As we had scored more goals in our two draws than England had in their two drawn matches we were kind of doing better than them. The funny thing was that the English team’s supporters would admit it. The whole country over there was not very happy at all about England’s results.  I was quite pleased that we only saw a part of the England vs Germany game at Heathrow airport before we left.

The news that Ricki Herbert is staying in his role with the Wellington Phoenix for another three years is fantastic news for New Zealand football as a whole. The amount of work that he has done over the past couple of years to get us to the point where we could achieve what we have is amazing and he deserves a lot of thanks. He has obviously given up a lot to stay here in New Zealand which is very generous of him when he probably could be earning mega-bucks elsewhere.

Go the All Whites!!!!!


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