Book Review: Do Hard Things – by Alex and Brett Harris

Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations – By Brett and Alex Harris – Published by Multnomah Books

My Mum told me about this book a couple of weeks ago so I looked it up at the library and was pleasantly surprised to find they had it. It was written by twin brothers Alex and Brett Harris when they were 19. The former homeschool and now college students were inspired by an intense summer of reading to start a blog. They blogged about how they thought the teen years could be more than just a “time to goof off”. This blog grew into: “The Rebelution” . The definition for Rebelution according to the book is: “a teenage rebellion against low expectations”. This book is designed to help encourage you to go further than the low expectations that society places on teenagers today.

It gives examples of five kinds of hard things which I found quite challenging. They include things like going outside your comfort zone and things that challenge the cultural norm, both things I often find hard, particularly the former.

The part about the book that I like particularly is that it gives you some real life examples about what people who have decided to become “rebelutionaries” have done. I find that kind of writing really awesome because it not only gives you the theory but it shows you how it can be put into practice.

This is one book that I am definitely going to get a copy of and recommend to others.


One thought on “Book Review: Do Hard Things – by Alex and Brett Harris

  1. I agree. It is a great name for a book and I thought of you and your ‘triangle project’ when I read it. Keep on expecting great things from God and attempting great things for Him.

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