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At the beginning of our trip we spent some time helping out at a foster home in China.  The foster home looks after kids with various disabilities that their previous orphanages have been unable to the provide specialist care for them, that they need.

We were originally intending to spend only a week there but when we had checked in our  bags to head off to Europe we had our flight cancelled due to the Icelandic volcano.  We were able to return to the foster home and spend another week and a half which we really enjoyed.

We spent our time helping to look after and play with the kids, helping with jobs to clean and tidy up the foster home, enjoying the wonderful chinese food, playing basketball and seeing some of the tourist sites.

We all enjoyed playing with the kids and became good friends with a few.  Two of the boys I became particularly good friends with were T4 and J2.  T4 is a very cute little boy who has Spina Bifida, but he has a very cheerful spirit. He always made us laugh with his mischief. He is getting better at walking but often sits down on the floor and, with a michievious look in his eyes, asks you to pick him up!!!

J2 is another young boy with Spina Bifida who cannot walk.  He is slightly less cheeky than T4 but has a very cute smile and is a happy boy who enjoys attention.  He enjoys throwing balls and bouncing on someone’s knee.

There are many ways that you can support and help the foster home. You can do anything from adopting a child to spreading the word about the work they do, to helping fundraise for a child’s medical operations.


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