Rates and Railways

As we have found out today there will likely be some major rates increases over the next year if the official recommendations are anything to go by. If we take Mayor Brown’s word it might only be 4.9 percent. But is this really possible? With all the discussion about a central city rail loop being his major goal to fix congestion it scarcely seems believable that the council will be able to save $13 million to keep rates from jumping by as much as 9 percent while also trying to achieve this!!! We look forward to seeing whether or not Len Brown will be able to fix the transport problem sooner rather than later and keep rates to reasonable levels at the same time. It will be a test of how well he can work with the National Government if he is serious about the rail upgrade and will show us if he is willing to do what is best for the city regardless of who he has to work with to achieve it.


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