Rugby World Cup Politics

Let’s face it, regardless of whether or not anyone can be bothered listening to them, politicians are always trying to gain leverage even when we are all absorbed in the fascinating Rugby World Cup that our nation is privileged to be hosting.

It has been interesting how Labour have been quick to jump into the ring for their man Len Brown when the government has taken over the waterfront in order to make the ‘party central’ idea work. It is fair enough that Murray McCully and John Key have made this decision. Len Brown and his subordinates at the Auckland Transport CCO  had years to plan and organise the party that they ‘invited the world’ to last Friday. If they didn’t have the contingency plans to cope with the numbers that responded to their invitation it is their responsibility to take the criticism on the chin and get on with the job to make sure it doesn’t happen again. The transport system of Auckland is their responsibility and with the chaos that was caused by a lack of planning and unimpressive system implementation by the council they need to man up. Labour is digging itself into even more of a hole just a few weeks out from the election. Defending the people who were obviously unable to cope with the huge crowds last Friday and criticizing the Government for taking over the waterfront in order to help bring the situation under control is just plain irresponsible. We need to work together in order to help showcase our nation to the world in a positive light for the good of our people and economy. Phil Goff has got to the point of desperation with polls showing him light-years behind John Key who had managed some very smart politics in putting the election straight after the RWC.

My predictions for this election at this stage will be John Key to lead National straight into government again with a very good chance of being able to govern alone and Labour to be severely punished by the electorate for their lack of vision, inspiration and style. The swing voters will largely vote for National but the traditional lefties will vote Greens instead of Labour with the people who traditionally vote Green but who are more radical shifting to the far left and voting Mana. I can see John Key working with other parties even if he doesn’t have to but the question is just who will those parties be??? Well if Labour and Mana aren’t successful enough in the Maori Seats then the Maori Party may hold on to its current electorate seats and be able to work with National if the Maori electorate likes the idea of them working with a centre-right government again. Act has a very delicate chance of making it back. Their hopes rest almost solely on John Banks personal popularity in the Epsom area.

It will be interesting however it turns out I am sure!!!


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