Poetic or not??

Tribute to the Strat 

by J.E (aka summersailor)

What a guitar,

the Stratocaster.

With it’s wonderful sound,

round and solid wood body,

how could anybody,

except perhaps the tree,

not see,

the beauty,

in how it smartly picks itself up

and flicks it’s amazing sound

out and around,

throughout the great resound

of the globe,

only to reach my ears?

It clearly appears,

that through all the years

this instrument has been just the thing,

for Clapton and Hendrix

as well as the licks of today.

So as you can see,

the Strat is clearly the thing,

for every musician to play.

Poetic or not? What do you think?


Breaking up the NZ Breakers!!

What can I say??? The night looked so promising, with a full house and a good first couple of minutes. But when Mika Vukona was injured in the fourth minute and their defence started leaking they very quickly started to lose composure and went downhill from there. They were completely worked out by the Perth Wildcats in a manner that clearly made you wonder whether Andre Lemanis had done his homework properly. They were outmuscled in the keyhole and forced to make three-point attempts which they could just not get to drop. They will need a miracle to make it through to the next stage of the finals if they don’t make serious changes to their style and game plan over the next couple of days.

ANBL Awards: You’ve got to be joking!

It’s ridiculous isn’t it! The NZ Burger King Breakers have the best win/loss record in the comp and still, their coach can’t win the coach of the year award. Kirk Penney should have been MVP, even though he didn’t have the top stats as he missed six games. Just to show that this isn’t just biased against the Breakers, Kevin Braswell statistically speaking didn’t have his greatest season either and probably wasn’t the best choice as sixth man!!

What do you think?

To read the report on the awards click here: http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/basketball/4847419/Breakers-have-reason-to-feel-aggrieved.

If you enjoy reading about the ANBL I can highly recommend this blog: lobpasstoabercrombie.com

Helping Christchurch Refugees

After what was probably the most enthusiastic church meeting ever on Sunday, our congregation have thrown themselves into a massive effort to help some of the families that have been stranded in Auckland with little or no resources left after the earthquake. People have been donating, sorting and cleaning goods for these people and we have managed to furnish homes for some of them. If you would like to help please visit thecommon, set up a personal account and search “The Crossing”. Or if you are one of these Facebook people you can visit the page for this project here: Facebook .

Helping Canterbury…Life FM

Life FM is running an appeal to help the churches in Christchurch instead of running their annual appeal to keep the station operating. This is a great way to support our Brothers and Sisters in Christchurch who are helping their own neighbours even though they themselves have suffered losses both to property and life. To make a donation head to http://www.lifefm.co.nz or ring 0508 003 003!!